Git Tips👾

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Say Yes to a Git Workflow 💎

Beware Hardcoded Environment Configurations 🌎

Hybrid Feature Branches 🌵

  • Release frequently. As for differences between test environments and production environments increase, the deployment will get harder.
  • Do not commit anything unrelated stuff to your feature branch. Keep your features separate and clean as much as possible.
  • Keep track of hotfixes merged into your stable branches. Make sure every main branch gets the fix.
  • Document your git workflow.

Resolving Merge Conflicts By Your Own Does Not Make You a Hero🦸‍♀🦸‍♂️️

Bonus 💸

Checkout Other People’s Feature Branches/Merge Requests 🔍

  • Do not spend a lot of time on it if you are not the desired reviewer.

Git has a solid role in every project. Using it correctly will even save you money. These are particular points I usually make when the topic is Git. Hope you enjoyed it.



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